Assessment resources which are easy to use, monitor progression and highlight specific gaps to inform the next stage of planning.

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Assessment teacher resources for primary school

Time4Teachers has developed an assessment system to support teachers in tracking progress, identifying gaps and informing judgements. Skills ladders have been created for Reading, Writing, History and Geography. Each skill is broken into three strands of achievement: Emerging, Developing and Secure, to provide teachers with a clear focus when making judgments. Through this focused approach, assessment becomes more accurate, moderation more focused and a pupil’s next steps can be clearly identified to inform the next stage of planning.

Example Writing Skills Ladder Success Criteria Year 2 Autumn Term

Individual Pupil Writing Assessment Tracking Year 2 Autumn Term

In all of our planning, the skills which objectives relate to are clearly shown to support teachers in making accurate teacher assessment over the course of a unit.

Tracking systems come as part of each unit so that progress can be easily assessed at the end of each session to support timely, accurate and evidence based assessment. This information can then be used to make an evidenced based judgement at the end of a unit, term or school year. Within each unit, ongoing independent opportunities have been planned to support assessment of skills.

Formal Assessments

Although the assessment systems developed by Time4Teachers are focused on providing quality activities where valid and accurate teacher assessment can be made, the need for more formal assessments is recognised. Formal assessments are being developed to support pupils in becoming confident in engaging with this type of assessment and to provide teachers with further evidence to support their assessment and progress planning.

Reading and Writing Moderation Packages

Reading and Writing moderation is a Time4Teachers speciality. Our consultant has a large amount of moderation experience in KS1, KS2 and KS3. Support can be provided for individual schools or to cluster groups. Moderation sessions can be led by our consultant to make sure that all involved get the most from the process and to ensure that accurate moderation takes place. Support can also be provided to teachers new to the process, providing them with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and confidence. Individual pupil work can be sent to our consultant if schools require external moderation to support verification of their judgements. Detailed feedback will be provided to explain the judgements made and suggest next steps for teaching. Please contact us at for further details on our moderation packages.

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