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Supporting the teaching and assessment of primary English.

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Time4Teachers have a range of resources and services available to support the teaching and assessment of primary English. All of the resources and materials have been written by an English SLE (Specialist Leader of Education), who has successfully led an English Department and had extensive moderator experiences.

Sample Plans and Resources 

Progressive Yearly Plans of Reading and Writing Skills

Progressive long term yearly plans of Reading and Writing skills for year groups 1-6. These plans promote a mastery style of teaching which supports teachers in ensuring all skills from the National Curriculum are covered and are allocated an appropriate amount of teaching time.

Reading and Writing skills and objectives have been taken from the National Curriculum and organised into a progressive teaching model. Pupils are taught the more basis skills and objectives in the Autumn Term. These are then revised and developed in the Spring and Summer Term.

Plans are available on Time4Teachers Free Downloads page

Reading and Writing Assessment System

A Reading and Writing assessment system which closely follows the Time4Teachers long term plans is available for year groups 1-6. This system has been developed to support teachers in quickly identifying the gaps in a pupil’s knowledge and achievement so that they can be targeted. A clear success criteria (Example Writing Skills Ladder Success Criteria Year 2 Autumn Term) is provided for every year group and every skill to support teachers in making accurate assessments and to focus moderation discussions. *Both Reading and Writing assessment systems can be adapted to follow the long term plans of individual schools if required.

Text based English lesson plans

 Text based English lesson plans, which are fully resourced with both pupil resources and teaching slides, are available as complete units. All plans are skills based and compliment the Time4Teachers long term skills and objective plans for schools following this model. For schools not following the Time4Teachers long term planning, a clear list of the Reading and Writing objectives covered within each unit is provided. All Reading and Writing skills are taught through the text, including those relating to punctuation and grammar. By taking a text based approach to learning, skills are taught within a context and this enables pupils to see the skills they are learning being used for a purpose. In some cases, texts have been chosen to compliment topics from Time4Teachers foundation subject curriculum and the majority of unit plans can be taught within a mixed aged classroom. All plans are fully differentiated and include closed, modelled and independent writing opportunities to support pupils in learning, applying and making progress in using the skills they are taught, with the aim of developing pupils’ confidence in writing.

Guided Reading Teaching Model

Time4Teachers has developed a guided reading teaching model to support pupils in becoming independent in using the reading skills they have been taught. The model includes three elements: a free reading session; a teacher lead session and an independent follow up task. Over time, when using this model, pupils begin to independently apply the skills they have been taught during teacher led learning in their free reading sessions. Guided reading plans compliment the Time4Teachers long term reading plans and include teaching of all National Curriculum skills and objectives. As well as planning being available, support and CPD to implement the teaching model can also be purchased as twilight, inset or consultancy.

Moderation Resources

Resources to support in school or cluster moderation are available. Time4Teachers can also come to schools to lead or support moderation sessions and CPD can be provided for those who may not have led or taken part in moderation before. This also provides an external view in the moderation process for schools.

English based CPD

A range of English based CPD is available including support in improvement of teaching and learning, whole school or key stage curriculum development, support in developing curriculum knowledge, improving writing outcomes for individual groups or school wide, teaching for greater depth Reading and Writing, planning support for less able pupils in Reading and Writing and subject leadership and development.

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